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Friday, February 29, 2008


Wow! Over a month now and no new posts! Sorry, guys. Been swamped with video work. But that's a good thing for my wallet. Anyway, for a while now I've wanted to post this news about all the cool animal characters, which have been created for iClone.

DoctorLegua of the Freedom Forum, has created a ton of animals, and more are coming (and probably have already been made since the pic above was given to me).
Casina, the creator of the forum, was the other artist involved in making these awesome animals. Her work and passion for iClone has always been top notch. Her combined efforts with Doctor Legua, have shown more amazing and "endless possibilities" within iClone.
The Doctor is an amazing iClone artist, who like me, specializes in characters. I've been an admirer of his work since the first day he displayed his creations. He has a unique way of capturing and/or replicating truly important details to popular and original characters. His animal packs are really amazing. They are fully functional, meaning they can do all the horse motions. They don't just slide across the screen like many of the other animals being sold out there. He really took the time to bring detail and realism to each new animal. So I advise you all to go to (The Freedom Forum), and check out his excellent work in their special "Bada Bing" section. You might have to sign up to do that, but it's worth it. In addition, they give away FREE content created for iClone, EVERY week. So check 'em out!

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly