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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another FREE Character 4U: "Sasuke"

Here's a "Sasuke" character made in 2.0, to go with your "Naruto" character. I hope you like him. My daughter's jaw dropped when she saw him. I think it's ok, but then again, she's my biggest fan. Remember, Sasuke and Naruto are trademarked characters, so please use these loving tribute files just for fun and not for profit.
Thanks and Enjoy!

Till Next Time, "Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly

Friday, May 25, 2007

Nasty Little Hobbits: (TWO FREE Characters 4U)

I've said it many times here before, ... I love "Lord of the Rings". One of the very first movies I ever made in iClone, was a short film called, "A Hobbit's Tale, ... Sort Of" (Rated PG). It starred two very perverted little Hobbits, named Shnilly and Shneggle. Shnilly moonlights as an exotic dancer, and Shneggle is her infatuated customer, who's trying to quit his addiction to hobbit lap dances. But he's finding, it's a hard "hobbit" to break.

Till Next Time, "Keep Cloning" .....

NOTE: Movie Below May Not be Suitable for Youngsters. Parents Advised.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Machinima and iCLONE

A few years back, I bought my daughter a Playstation 2. One of the first games we played was "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King". After battling Orcs and casting Wizard spells for about a week, I had realized something kind of cool. By controlling the camera and the motions of the characters in the game, you could operate them kind of like puppets. I'm a puppeteer, so this fascinated me. I further thought, "Wow! And if you could grab each scene, edit it and add your own soundtrack, you could make a 3d animated movie". Well at the time I had no idea that millions of people across the world were already doing this by an art form called Machinima. I made my first animation test using a bunch of Marvel and DC comics Superheroes I made in iClone a year ago. I sent the animation test clip to my cousin in NY. He looked at it and commented "Cool, ....machinima.". I asked him, "What the hell is Machinima"?" He then gave me the scoop. Well here it is twelve months later, and it's nice to see that iClone has become a new engine for a few Machinima filmmakers. However, I'd personally like to see more Machinima filmmakers use iClone as their engine of choice. Especially because of the fact that in the end, you own the rights to your movies, something you cannot do with other engines. But regardless, I grabbed a bunch of resources from , and have listed them below. Check 'em out, and start making movies!

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ...... Pauly

Friday, May 18, 2007

FREE Character 4U: "Fiona"

Well you certainly can't have a Shrek Character without a Fiona Ogre Character. So here she is for your enjoyment (and Shrek's,...wink, wink, nudge, nudge, .....Eeeeeewwwww! Ogre hanky panky!!!!!!!).

Like the Shrek character from yesterday's post, Fiona here comes with customized ears made from the iClone building blocks. And I made her dress/gown from the long awaited iClone Cloth. By the way, if you have not bought the iClone Cloth yet, you can buy it at Reallusion, here.

Now go and have fun making your own "Shrek" movies (But remember, these are trademarked characters, so use these "loving tribute" files for fun only (or Fiona will body slam ya!). Enjoy!

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FREE Sexy Character 4U: "VIXEN"

Been a while since I shared a hot babe character here. So here she is. I recently created this for a client, based on a design he had. However, there were some limitations with the templates available in iClone, to do the design justice. I'm an incurable perfectionist, and if I can't get it right, I'd rather not take someone's money for something less than perfect. Nevertheless, she came out pretty hot. If you want to make sexy females in risque lingerie, just surf the net to find images of naughty lingerie. You can tell your spouse it's for creative research.

Enjoy this "Vixen" (And I don't mean one of Santa's reindeer's, although I wouldn't bark at waking up to find her under my X-mas tree.)

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Another Super Hero 4U: "IRON MAN"

Ok, I'm going Super Hero nuts this week. A few days ago I said I would post my version of Iron Man here. Well, here it is for your enjoyment. Like I said earlier, I used the Football player character template that came in iClone. You can get some great use out of that particular template. I think this MAY be the first time I ever shared THIS version of the character. There was another version I shared a while back at one of the forums, but it had a hand drawn face as opposed to this more detailed one. Remember, Iron Man is a trademarked character, so please use this "loving tribute" file for fun only. Enjoy!

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly

Thursday, May 10, 2007

FREE Character 4U: "Spidey"

Well, the new Spiderman movie is out. And, man, what a fantastic movie. In my opinion, it's the best of the three. It's an amazing roller coaster ride of action, suspense and emotion, which had me and my daughter laughing, cheering, and even crying. But I'm not here to give a movie review, but rather to share an iClone character file with you. When Reallusion came out with the body suit template, I immediately got to work and made a bunch of iClone characters based on Superheroes. One of the first heroes I made was "Spiderman". At the time, I didn't realize that you could take a photo texture, or an image of Spidey's face, and just slap it onto the template. So for "Spidey" here, I literally hand drew (in PHOTOSHOP) each detail onto the template. It's not perfect, but it didn't come out too bad either. So here it is for you to enjoy. Remember, Spiderman is a trademarked character, so please only use this "loving tribute" file for fun. Oh and, you can download his arch enemy, "Venom", right here.

Till Next Time, ........ "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly

Saturday, May 5, 2007

"The Case of the Missing Plot" (an iClone comedy short film)

When I was a kid, I grew up watching and loving the old comedy shorts made by Hal Roach. I was a huge fan of the "Our Gang" or "Little Rascals", as they were later called. And I especially loved Laurel & Hardy. For a while now, I've been wanting to make a short film in iClone, but I've had somewhat of a writers block. I called a good buddy of mine, Nick Santa Maria, and asked for help. Nick is an extremely talented individual who is also passionate about the same "old school" comedy classics. He immediately sent me a script that he wrote about a fictitious comedy duo from the 1930's, called "Biffle & Shooster". I got to work, and well, here it is for your enjoyment. I tried to post it on YOUTUBE but it was a minute and a half too long, so I posted it at Revver. When you get there, just choose FLASH or QUICKTIME, ...whatever you prefer to watch it in.
So grab some popcorn and enjoy, Biffle & Shooster in "The Case of the Missing Plot".

Till Next Time .... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly


Thursday, May 3, 2007

FREE Character 4U: "Buzz Lightyear"

One of the first "movie based" characters I ever created in iClone, was this version of "Buzz Lightyear" from the movie "Toy Story". To make him, I simply used the football player character template that came with iClone. You can really get a lot of great mileage out of that particular template. I've used it for character's like "Wolverine", "Iron Man" (I'll post IRON MAN in a few days), and several others. Add some armor texture to it and you've got a great suit of armor. I made "Buzz" here in version 1.0. So at the time I was not able to texture accessories. But now that 2.0 is here, there's no reason why any of you can't make his transparent glass helmet. So grab this character now (if you don't have him already) and see what you come up with.

"To infinity and beyond!" ....

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly