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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

FREE Sexy Character 4U: "VIXEN"

Been a while since I shared a hot babe character here. So here she is. I recently created this for a client, based on a design he had. However, there were some limitations with the templates available in iClone, to do the design justice. I'm an incurable perfectionist, and if I can't get it right, I'd rather not take someone's money for something less than perfect. Nevertheless, she came out pretty hot. If you want to make sexy females in risque lingerie, just surf the net to find images of naughty lingerie. You can tell your spouse it's for creative research.

Enjoy this "Vixen" (And I don't mean one of Santa's reindeer's, although I wouldn't bark at waking up to find her under my X-mas tree.)

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly