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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Machinima and iCLONE

A few years back, I bought my daughter a Playstation 2. One of the first games we played was "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King". After battling Orcs and casting Wizard spells for about a week, I had realized something kind of cool. By controlling the camera and the motions of the characters in the game, you could operate them kind of like puppets. I'm a puppeteer, so this fascinated me. I further thought, "Wow! And if you could grab each scene, edit it and add your own soundtrack, you could make a 3d animated movie". Well at the time I had no idea that millions of people across the world were already doing this by an art form called Machinima. I made my first animation test using a bunch of Marvel and DC comics Superheroes I made in iClone a year ago. I sent the animation test clip to my cousin in NY. He looked at it and commented "Cool, ....machinima.". I asked him, "What the hell is Machinima"?" He then gave me the scoop. Well here it is twelve months later, and it's nice to see that iClone has become a new engine for a few Machinima filmmakers. However, I'd personally like to see more Machinima filmmakers use iClone as their engine of choice. Especially because of the fact that in the end, you own the rights to your movies, something you cannot do with other engines. But regardless, I grabbed a bunch of resources from , and have listed them below. Check 'em out, and start making movies!

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ...... Pauly