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Saturday, June 2, 2007


It's always nice when someone shares their iClone work. Someone finally took me up on my offer to post files here for sharing.
A loyal reader of this blog, named Wayne Randall, was kind enough to send me this interesting iClone character he made. He asked me to share it with all of you. I think this character creation is really cool. I love when people take the time to be unique and creative with their characters. This character has a re-textured tank top, and he made very nice use of the character's hair, giving him a very funny look. He also took the time to get creative with the face morph sliders, as well as shrinking down the head and using the MINIATURE body size to give the illusion of a very BIG boned character (both of which I had mentioned in an earlier post). Good Going! Wayne calls this character "Gettaboutit". Must be an inside joke. But he's definitely a fun character. Big thanks for sharing, Wayne. And like I said, if you have something you too would like to share, send me some files and I'll post them.

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" ...... Pauly