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Friday, January 4, 2008

How To Make A Centaur

Today I made a cool Centaur character. Here's how I did it ....

1) Open Your Horse Project

2) Replace the Girl Character with the Male Body Suit Character.

3) Opacity out his legs and shoes.

4) Click on the Horse to Select the Horse Prop.

5) Opacity out the horse's head, and ears.

6) Move the Male Character forward and position him the way you want.

7) Play with the Face tools to modify his face.

8) You may even change the texture of the horses skin by using the Diffuse, if you want (I did not).

NOTE: You can get rid of the ghostly legs and head in 3d Exchange, by playing with the node attribute panel and click "modify specularity", set the "glossiness" and "specularity" boxes to zero, then save back to your prop library (Thanks to Lisa and Michel for that excellent tip).

Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly