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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking Off Today. Anyone got freebies to share?

I think I will take the day off today, so no freebies today. But I just of thought something. Why not help me out and send me any freebies that YOU'D like to share here? They don't have to be characters, they can be any iClone creation you want to share. Just keep in mind the EULA. Send me your files, and Email me any info you want. I'm ranking pretty darn high on the Google search engine (second iClone site under Reallusion for keyword "iClone". Not too shabby :) ), so I'll be happy to link to your site when I post your Freebie for all. It'll be great promotion for you, and you'll be doing an awesome thing for other iClone users.

Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" ... Pauly