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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

iCLONE 3 Preview: "Unbelievable!"

Ok, enough about Spore. iClone 3 is about to be launched into our world and I have to say , it looks like an entirely new program. The interface seems quite different and the endless amounts of new and creative features make this version the most anticipated yet. I could mention many of the new cool features, like hair that sways and bounces with the character, or the fact that you can make your characters look and follow moving cameras and objects, or the multi cameras themselves, or the realistic water and custom skies, the puppetry features, and much more, ... but I won't :). As one who specializes in unique character creations, I'm thrilled with the fact that you can now morph the body parts. This was something I had spoken to Reallusion's John Martin about a while ago. I'm glad the developers actually listen to the users. I can only imagine what amazing creations iCLONE users will build. So did I say, enough about Spore? Well, I meant it. Bottom line is, you always come running back to your first love.
Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly