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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"TOONS PACK" Released at Reallusion Store!

I grew up on the classic cartoons we all know and love. Never really liked Disney Cartoons. Don't get me wrong. Disney is awesome. But in comparison to Bugs and Daffy, Mickey and pals were a bit too clean, and dare I say it, .. corny, ... for my taste. Warner Brothers cartoons had such an edge to them, and you can't beat a good 'ol Tex Avery cartoon either. So here's my tribute to the toon style that kept me laughing throughout my life. Presenting the "TOONS PACK". TOONS PACK is a cast of zany "Toon" characters. These FIVE G1 characters were designed in the classic style of the old cartoon characters of yesteryear. Imagine the fun you can have with these nuts! The pack includes, LONI THE STARLET, LANDLORD, DOCTOR DRIBBLE, MILLY MOUSE, & WALDO WOLF. You can get them in a group or individually. What a great group for your next high paced cartoon comedy! All characters are fully cleared for Commercial and Personal Use in all your iClone movies. Grab 'em now! "Eh-b-b-b-ddd,...That's All, Folks!"
Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" ....