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Monday, October 8, 2007


Halloween is just around the corner. I LOVE Halloween! So does my young daughter, Hali. I made this iClone character for her, and she says I can share it with all of you. She calls her "Winnie Witch". Winnie is the littlest witch with the biggest heart. Hali says she relates to this character, and has created a little story behind her. She says the kids at school call Winnie, "Minnie Winnie", 'cause she's small for her age. They also tease her, shouting, "Minnie Winnie, Minnie Winnie, Oh So Weird and Not Too Pretty". But while all the "popular" girls at school are dressing up like Princesses, Bratz, and Barbie, ...non-conforming Winnie sticks to the traditional dark theme of Halloween, and enjoys every second of it. She might even befriend some ghouls who enjoy kicking "popular girl" butt.

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning, ....... Pauly

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