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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How To Comment On YOUTUBE

Ok, this is not iClone related. It's about a Spore film I made. So why am I posting this on an iClone blog site? Because I'm a self centered ego maniac, plain and simple. And if you have a comment about it, please feel free to leave one on YOUTUBE, like thousands of others in the past few hours. Long story short, ... is now distributing my films (both iClone made and Spore made) on their website, and on their popular YOUTUBE partner channel.
I got sick of uneducated comments about my other films. Many were great, but many comments lack constructive criticism, not to mention intelligence. My buddy, Nick Santa Maria, the writer of my iClone Biffle and Shooster series, said it best, when he commented, "
Get off YOUTUBE and Pick up a book. Books are those things with pages and covers". So I thought I'd give these deprived ones, a little lesson on YOUTUBE Commentary Etiquette. And guess what? It's working. And what's great about it, is even the idiotic comments are now welcomed. Once you see the video, you'll understand why I would welcome idiotic comments. I can't believe how fast the views are going up on this one. I need to make a clever iClone vid next. I think I know exactly what it will be too. But for now, enjoy my Spore made HOW TO COMMENT ON YOUTUBE vid here or below.

Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" (and Sporing) ...