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Friday, December 22, 2006

How iClone Got Me Through A Mid Life Crisis

Well, after almost a year or so of being a passionate iClone artist, I've decided to post my art work, thoughts, special links & resources, for any of you out there who enjoy iClone as much as I do.

I remember how I discovered iClone. After a few 15 minutes of fame moments in my earlier career as an actor and writer, I was now going through somewhat of a mid-life crisis, waiting for another void to be filled. I have ADHD, big time, so I need to do a million things to keep me going. I was surfing through YOUTUBE, checking out 3d animation (And yes, I admit, checking out all the babes shakin' their booties). But I've always appreciated 3d art & animation, and wished I had the training to create it. At age 41, I felt perhaps I missed the boat and that it would take years to learn something like this. Back at YOUTUBE, I found a 3d animated video called BUSH HATES ME. The guy who created it said he made it in iClone (the creator of the vid, Abukhatar, later became a friend of mine). After watching his video, I immediately did a search on Google for "iClone". Low and behold, I found Reallusion, Inc., the company who makes the iClone program. So I downloaded the free trial version of iClone, and could not believe how freakin' easy it was to create 3d animation. I made my first video in just a few minutes. I had to have the full version of iClone. I had the option of getting it through the mail, or getting it sent through my computer. Like I said, I HAD to have it, so I chose the latter. That night, I made my first animation, "A HOBBITS TALE...Sort Of". I was going through my Lord of the Rings obsession at the time, so hobbits and orcs were on my mind daily (I know, what a dork, eh?). After tinkering around with iClone, I realized I had a knack for creating characters. One of my first iClone Characters was Gollum, from LOTR. I even made Gollum dancing on YOUTUBE. I knew then, I found something very special, not just for me, but also for my little girl, Hali (I'll share her iClone accomplishments with you in future posts).
It's almost a year now since I discovered this amazing software. My original content now sells at Reallusion, and also at I'm a happy camper :). I'll try to make this a regular thing,.... this BLOG thing, I mean. The concept is new to me, but I hope to share some insight, news, links, resources, and other cool things with all of you.
Till next time, ...Keep Cloning. .... Pauly