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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Twas the Eve before the Eve of Christmas

not a creature was cloning, not even Abu
shopping for gifts, I only got a few
don't know what to get, not even one clue

anyways, my first post here- it was about a year ago December 12 to be exact when i first got iclone. Before that i dabbled in truespace, poser, made a few pictures and videos here and there.
But sadly i spent more time learning and figuring out how the software worked rather than creating stuff.

So it was quite a delight to discover iclone -got me making a music video from thinking about it to finished video in 2 hours (yep, that's the 'Bush Hates Me' video Pauly mentioned).

so now it is a year later, iclone has grown, and so has the community. There are quite a few iclone based videos, machinimas floating around -i can't believe the amazing videos created - all you have to do is check out Hurlooks 'Reich and Roll' at youtube and you'll know what i mean.

Well back to planning my last minute christmas shopping day - my thinking is most people would be out and about on Saturday night so I'll take that opportunity to do my last minute shopping..... i was going to join the procrastinator's club, but i'll wait till next week.

Gabe 'Aknzrdude'

"Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in thier shoes...that way if they get mad, you're a mile away and you have thier shoes"