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Monday, April 2, 2007

The Real Clone Wars & New iClone Tutorials Forum

A couple of days ago, I posted an article about a new alternative iClone forum called The Freedom Forum. As I said, it is a place to let your hair down and say things you normally would refrain from saying at most iClone forums. I myself, have already indulged in the "brutally honest, speak your mind" concept over there. It's kind of like a pub hangout for iClone users, so needless to say, children are not allowed. Although recent rivalry between forums has shown that we can ALL act like children at times. I'm guilty as charged and would publicly like to bury the hatchet and move on. Having said that, it's refreshing to see a site emerge, like the one I'm about to tell you about. iCloneTutorials.Com is here. It's a place where you can take a deep breath and go back to the basics of what is truly important in regards to iClone, ...learning from eachother,...and all the amazing newly discovered possibilities. The site was created by Neil Armstrong, a highly talented artist and MAJOR supporter of Reallusion's iClone. I had a chance to talk to Neil about his work and his new site. .....

PAULY: Tell us about your background in digital art.

NEIL: I started out in the early eighties as a Commercial and Industrial Professional Photographer as an f.m.i.p. I started out with the best income from freelance work, diversifying into Computer Graphics from Photo graphics in the early Nineties, saw headway with clients like Rolls Royce Caterpillar, Boots the Chemist, Zanussi, Electrolux, S.A.S., I.C.I, to name but a few. One site I created was hailed by the UK Chief of Police as Europe's Safest Child site with VPN for child mail, and a follow on contract saw one of our creations officially Launched in England's Parliamentary House of Commons with Tony Blair interest, Chriss Tarrant, David Blunket, Charles Clarke and so on and so on. Medals of Freelance Determination. We're not new to success stories.

PAULY: What gravitated you to iClone?

NEIL: For years I've watched technologies grow. I was disappointed at the prices of the giants which to me, kept their software in an elitist boundary inaccessible to those who can be deemed the more creative through diversity of lifestyles and geographical location because of idiot prices. Reallusion's iClone Studio smashes through these ostentatious barriers with a fire.

PAULY: Do you use any other programs when working with iClone?

NEIL: Yes. Usually, Paint Shop Pro, once JASC now Corels, SwishMax for Flash, Turbine Video Encoder for ultimately superb Streaming flash play web side. Camtasia Studio, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Encoder and many others but they're my choice and not all necessary for the beginner.

PAULY: What is your philosophy on networking with other iClone users?

NEIL: The elements are such that we should be working AMONGST other iClone Studio users and WITH Reallusion. We should all be individual with our approach and creative output. Working tightly with Reallusion will promote their operations which in turn keeps development levels up, sales high and output cost effective. ...Vitally important.

PAULY: Tell us about your new site/forum?

NEIL: The new forum is being officially launched on the 21st of April, but is open for testing now. Many tutorials are ready for posting, just being polished. In a simple graphical format, lessons will show elements totally being ignored at the moment simply because people are ramming up forums but ignoring the primaries. will be unique, beneficial to all levels of expertise and incorporate plenty of ideas that will entertain, educate and open doors currently not even built let alone closed.

PAULY: Where do you see iClone and it's community of users, in about a year from now?

NEIL: I see Reallusion's iClone Studio breaking down all the obstacle barriers in this field of Animation online and off. Already they're bringing the 'big boys' down to the correct perspective. In a years time??? Full screen streaming. Very high resolution Character, accessory and Prop creation even more advanced, integrated development tools and another element I can't discuss at the moment here, as it's the initial launch subject of, this week. You'll have to wait.

PAULY: Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

NEIL: All those currently using iClone... It's fun to have Guys and Gals running about in the Pink, sure. I'm as red blooded as the next Guy. But be careful not to trash iClone and make it look like an idiots zone. Reallusion's iClone Studio is an international breakthrough and one that we need to present with a little tact, class and thoroughbred appeal. I've seen companies stall before because of their user-failings. If we want to see Reallusion & iClone Studio grow and grow fast, it's up to US to make sure the impression is mind blowing. If you do this and one person is inspired enough to make a purchase from your work, you're succeeding, and on the way to enhancing development superiority and cost effective as a result. Post ONE superb image, not ten mediocre ones. Post a Mind blowing 10 second animation. Not a 3 minute one.

Thanks, Neil. We'll be seeing a lot more of Neil and his great work with iClone.

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" .......