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Friday, February 16, 2007

Another FREE iClone Babe 4 U: "Tanya"

Here's another iClone beauty. I call her "Tanya". She's totally hot (she's not real, Pauly, get a grip, man!). Wish I could have attracted babes like this in High School. I was such a shy geek. In my school, chicks like this always went for the a#$holes. It was always us nice guys who knew how to treat girls, that never had dates. The good news is that Karma is good, and now most of these same old High School jerks are unemployed toothless losers with beer bellies, who frequently end up on the Jerry Springer Show. So I guess it pays to be a geek, after all (I now have a totally hot wife). Anyway, "Tanya's" tube top and mini skirt were made by Skulty, a very talented iClone artist. You can find more of Skulty's work over at the CoolClones Forum, in the Freebies section. Big thanks to him for allowing me to add his work to my character, and share it with all of you here. Ok, gotta run now. Jerry Springer is on.

Till Next Time, ...... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly
(Note: Necklace in photo not included)