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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Endless Anime Creations & FREE Character 4U

I've said this before, .... I've always loved Anime. It appealed to me since I was a kid, when I first watched "Speed Racer". And even though there were only Anime animal characters in the series, I also loved, "Kimba the White Lion" (Showing my age now, eh?). But I've made quite a few Anime characters in iClone, and I wanted to give you the actual template I use to make them all. Here is "Anime Man". With this one character, you have all you need to create endless variations of iClone Anime characters. Place him in your custom character folder, but be sure to click ADD, when in FACE mode, and keep it in your face library. I use this same Anime style face over and over again, to create new Anime characters. It's all in the way you texture, folks. I shared this character at the forum a while back. But for those of you who never got it, feel free to


(NOTE: File Host is weird sometimes. If you have a problem downloading, try back. If it persists, Email me, and I'll send you the file.)

And if you want a great female counterpart for him, please go to Reallusion and check out my "Anime Girl". Enjoy!

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly