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Sunday, February 4, 2007

iClone 2.0 Character Test

The other day. I posted an article about the upcoming iClone 2.0. I mentioned that I could not get my BETA version up and running. But success! I managed to get it working just fine. I have to say that I LOVE THIS NEW VERSION!!! It will open brand new doors, not only for iClone character creation, but for clothes, effects (the particle FX are awesome!) and MORE! I played with the new G2 (Generation 2) body types, and made two very different characters, which you can see above (by the way, the G2 characters come with a bunch of very cool new hairstyles). I call the characters above, "Herb from the Burbs, & the Slacker". They were each made from using the same clothing upper and lowers. There is a "Perfect Man" body type, which when changed to the "plump" body size, becomes pretty fat. I never liked the way the old plump body size, never really looked truly plump. This particular new body type has changed that. You can equally make a character pretty thin as well. And Reallusion has also created a teen girl character, which solves the problem of making iClone children properly, ... in other words, no more upper with that of a female adult. Now iClone kids can, actually look like kids! I have some other comments, but I won't speak about them now, as this is only a BETA version I've played with. And I'm sure things will change and/or be added with the real version. But nice work, Reallusion! Look for iClone 2.0 coming in March.

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning!" ...... Pauly