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Sunday, March 4, 2007

FREE Character 4U: "RENEGADE"

Recently, I had written about the importance of using hi-res textures for your characters. But this is a character made with low-res textures. Despite this, he still came out really cool. He's a pretty tough dude. Meet "Renegade". He plays by his own rules, and answers to no one. If there's a score to settle, he'll be sure to end the debate. This is a character file, so it'll open just fine after your download. Just put him in your iClone character CUSTOM folder. Please use this character only for fun and not commercially. I had shared him with a selected few in the past, but I'd like to share him here as well. Please tell a friend about us, and come back daily for more FREE iClone characters and other stuff! Enjoy!

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly