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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

FREE iClone Cutie 4U: "JADE"

I've written about the importance of hi-res images when creating your iClone characters. This is needed for the ENTIRE character (meaning for clothes AND face). Sure, you can get away with using low-res images (Lord knows I've done it MANY times). But they are not really ideal if you plan on having the character appear in extreme close-ups in either your still or moving shots. So choose a nice high resolution image to get the best results. I really liked the high resolution texture for the face of this unique character here. I call her , "Jade". She's another iClone cutie for your collection. She can be a rocker, a vampire, a Goth chick, .... a sexy mime (can mime's be sexy? Well, I guess French mime's can.). Her cut off shirt top is made by non other than "Skulty", an amazing iClone artist and all around good guy.

Till Next Time, ...... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly

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