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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Last year, I was working in Los Angeles on a children's TV puppet show. It was a nice wholesome show, teaching little kids all the do's and don'ts, ABC's, 1-2-3's, be my friend, yadda-yadda-yadda and all that purple dinosaur crap. After doing a show like this, it's hard to imagine kids as anything other than sweet and harmless little cherubs. Well, that concept was shot to Hell, when I stepped into one of the coolest L.A. toy stores in the world. This one in particular carried the most amazing toys I'd ever seen. They were not toys for kids, and no they were not adult "sex" toys either. They were toys of terror! And very, very cool, I might add. The Living Dead Dolls, are a line of Dolls for those with a more Gothic and terrifying taste. They're kind of like a bunch of corroded Cabbage Patch Dolls. Each of them has a name and a story and/or poem about their untimely demise. I thought I'd have a go at making some iClone versions of these "cool corpses". So here is my tribute to The Living Dead Dolls, and it's a pretty good example of more of the limitless possibilities with iClone which I've spoken about before. Many right wing heads have turned and freaked out, at the site of these little nasty buggers. But I'm sure the creators of The Living Dead Dolls are laughing all the way to the "blood" bank. Good for them!

Till Next Time, ...... "Keep Cloning" .........