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Saturday, February 24, 2007

FREE iClone Motions 4U

Have any of you ever experimented with the motion editor in iClone? It's really amazing. If you're pretty new to iClone, you know that iClone already comes with some fantastic motions for your characters. But surprisingly, many older users still don't realize that they can actually create their own customized motions with the motion editor. Now, I have said time and again, that I'm no genius at 3d animation. I'm just a schmuck from Queens, NY. But this motion editor feature was so easy to use, it made me feel like I had been a pro for years. The process of creating my customized motion was pretty fun. My wife got a kick out of watching me do it too. Let me explain. I videotaped myself with a locked down full body shot, where I faced camera and flexed my muscles. Grant it, I have no freakin' muscles, but I did the moves anyway. I was then able to load the video into my iClone motion editor, overlay the iClone "skeleton" or "mannequin" figure to my own image, and move the limbs of the figure to match my movements on the video. You don't have to do it frame by frame. You can skip many frames and continue matching it up. iClone will create a motion path for you automatically. When you're done, export it as an iClone motion, and use it for your characters whenever you want. It takes a little time, but it's a fascinating process to learn. And the results can be really cool, seperating your motions from others out there. So try it and see what you come up with. In the meantime, Andrew from Machin-X: Machinima & Digital Puppetry Blogspot (a very cool site, by the way), was kind enough to share an excellent link with me from . The link is a FREE download of about eight .bvh motions which you can convert for use in iClone. Big thanks, Andrew! Click here and download the motions. Ok, ... gotta get to the gym now and build up those wimpy ass muscles.

Till Next Time, ........ "Keep Cloning" ......... Pauly

PS: Check out the Muscle Flex Motion Test below