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Sunday, December 16, 2007

"ELF ESTEEM" : a holiday comedy 4U (and a FREE X-mas Tree Prop)

A few days ago, I posted a link to the latest 12 minute "Biffle and Shooster" Comedy. Well, I realized that we needed a Christmas special (and a Colorized one at that!). So I Emailed Nick (the writer of all these shorts) and told him my idea. Within an hour he sent me an adorably funny script (the guy's a freakin' writing machine!). Over the past 2 days, this film took me about 10 hours to make in iClone. In this "short" short, the boys (Biffle and Shooster) play two of Santa's elves, who give the big guy a list of demands for workplace/shop improvements.

Consider this film (and prop), my Holiday gift to all of you. Now go grab some eggnog and enjoy Biffle and Shooster in, "Elf Esteem". Merry Christmas!

Till Next Time, ...... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly