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Thursday, December 28, 2006

iClone VS Family

WARNING: The iClone Surgeon General Has Determined That iClone Can Be Addictive. Actually, there is no iClone Surgeon General. At least not that I know of. But really,... iClone VS Family? Sounds like a no brainer on who should take priority, huh? But actually, you would be surprised to know that because of how much fun iClone is, there are tons of iClone users who spend more time with their "i-cloning", than with their families. I admit, I was one of these types when I first got the full version of iClone. If I had no other work to do, I'd wake up early and go right to my computer and start cloning away. It got to be to the point that my wife felt like she had lost me to another woman. Yeah, sure, I could easily make "digital babes" in iClone. And these babes were great because they never talked back (Ooooo, the wife's gonna kill me for that one). But let's face it, when a man has a new toy, like a car, a football, a remote control for the TV, or iClone, he's going to pay attention to the new toy, least for a while. The good thing about my new iClone addiction, was that I was able to share my new interest with my young daughter, Hali (who I had written about earlier). However, everything eventually sorted itself out. Time management is something that is a must when you have both a family and iClone. Simply find those times of the day or evening when iClone won't interfere with quality time with your family. There's enough time for both. And if you can bring the two together somehow, all the more better.
Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly