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Friday, December 29, 2006

A Tip & FREE Character 4U: ORC WARRIOR

Here's another FREE iClone character for you. Meet the "Orc Warrior". He must have escaped from a prison at some point, judging by the shackles still on his neck and wrists. It's an iClone PROJECT FILE, complete with character and accessories. Here's another tip for you too...... if you're using a photo for body or face texture(s), make sure it's a very high resoltion image. This particular character is a good example of a character made from very high resolution textures. Sometimes when some iClone users make a character, the character doesn't look that great when close up. And if you plan on making iClone movies, you definitely want to have that option of nice close ups on your character(s). So by using a very high res photo of a face or body, you'll be sure to have such a character.
Till Next Time, ..."Keep Cloning" ... Pauly