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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tips & Techniques: Creating a Unique Face

When creating a face in iClone, it's easy to slap on a texture, then move on. However, many people using the program fail to realize that you can make the most out of creating a face, by using the face morph sliders. Yeah, sure, you can load a unique face from a photo. But then when you see the character from another angle, the features are pretty one dimensional. By using the different face morph sliders, you can get some really defined shapes and sizes, giving your character a really unique and interesting appearance. For example, the picture above shows the default "male body suit" face provided in iClone (I think the body suit(s) is provided as a free download at, if it doesn't already come with the latest full version of iClone). As you can see by the face on the right, by using the facial sliders (found in FACE, MODIFY), you can get some great results when creating your next character. Add some new eyes, teeth, and perhaps a different shade for the skin, and presto, you have a one-of-a-kind iClone character. Also, if you've pushed those sliders as far as they can go, but want your character to have bigger or smaller features, simply SAVE your face by clicking ADD when in FACE mode. Then go and find the face in the CUSTOM section, double click on it, and it will pop in your window. Now go back to MODIFY, FACE, and you will see that all the sliders are back to their neutral positions, enabling you to further enhance the facial features of your new character. Hope this first tip helps you.

Till Next Time, ..."Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly