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Saturday, March 3, 2007


THIS JUST IN: It's been brought to my attention that since I made many of my project files in iClone Beta version 2.0, they may not be opening for iClone users who have version 1.52 or under. I'm sorry about this, folks. Didn't realize. Please save any of the project file(s) below that you have already downloaded, and when you upgrade to 2.0 (which officially comes out this month) they should open fine. I'm told the CHARACTER files open fine in any version, but not the PROJECT files. Now MOST of the Freebies I've posted here ARE character files, so there's no problem with those. But there were a few PROJECT files with characters in them, like the one I posted a couple of days ago. So hang in there, folks, ... 2.0 is coming. But from here on, until 2.0 officially comes out, any new freebies I post here, will be character files only.
Thanks, ...Pauly