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Saturday, March 31, 2007


THE FREEDOM FORUM is a contoversial place where you can say anything you want. It was created by a few iClone users, but according to its' creators, you can post and say pretty much anything you want. Because of this though, there is an age restriction to 18 and over (which, as a parent, I totally support). If you're offended easily, this IS NOT the place for you. But it's definitely a place to let your hair down.
Another 3d artist who is absolutely iClone brilliant, will also be opening up a very cool iClone Forum. Although they're taking members now for testing, the official grand opening of will be in mid April.
ALSO, stay tuned for MyClones for iClone's official 3d content online store, opening very soon. What a country, eh? Big thanks to Reallusion for re-vamping their licensing agreement. This is great! We need more iClone sites. We ALL benefit from iClone being promoted. So go for it, folks! Open a forum, open an online store, a YOUTUBE iClone group, post on Renderosity, open a blog site. Just spread the word that iClone is here, and you, the artists, are here to stay.

Till next time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ........ Pauly