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Thursday, March 29, 2007

FREE 2.0 Character with Sexy Customized Outfit 4U

Well, iClone 2.0 is finally here, and I personally love it. I did however, think that the 9 new G2 characters would come with it, as well as the long dress iClone cloth. I was a bit disappointed that this would not be the case. But, nonetheless, it's an amazing next level in "iCloning". With the supplied cloth, I was able to create my first customized outfit. We're long overdue for a hot babe here at the blog, so for you, my fellow acolytes of the Machinima persuasion, here she is, live and UNCENSORED.
Here's how I did it.....

2) I Choose the MAGIC WAND tool, CLICK in Template image, COPY, NEW, PASTE, it copies a new IMAGE, but with the body template now all in white.

3) I edit the image, keeping white on what I want to be the clothes, and black on what I do not want.

4) I SAVE A COPY as UPPER DIFFUSE, UPDATE, it applies, with white AND BLACK. Now to get rid of the black and replace with skin, I do the following...

5) Click OPACITY LAUNCH, Photoshop opens, I close the default image it brings up, and focus on the earlier edited image that I just saved as diffuse. I click SAVE A COPY, and save it as UPPER OPACITY. UPDATE, and it applies, now revealing the skin. Now to apply the texture over the white clothes....

6) Click DIFFUSE LAUNCH, close any image photoshop opens by default, and again, I only focus on the image I have been editing and saving. I bring in a texture, jpg, and simply copy and paste it over any white on the edited image. SAVE A COPY as UPPER DIFFUSE, UPDATE, and presto, .....Done!


Till Next Time, ...... "Keep Cloning" ...... Pauly

PS: By the way, if you still don't have iClone. You need to BUY IT HERE!