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Monday, April 16, 2007

FREE Project File, with Little Girl Character

I've been a bad blogger. I normally post something here every two days. But I've slacked off. Actually, my house had to be tented for termites. Nasty little buggers. So I apologize, folks. I dug into my old library of iClone creations and found this "termite free" house. It's a project file I made and shared a while back. I shared the character at Renderosity a while back too. Nothing magnificent. Just small and sweet. It has a little girl and the animated cat prop character that came with your program. So save this file as a PROJECT. Then if you want, save the girl as a CHARACTER, and the cat as a PROP. The scene was easy to make. Just used the building blocks. Someone Emailed me today and didn't realize he could do many of the things I've shown here. It sounded like he really didn't dig into iClone and experiment too much. I encourage you all to do so. I , myself, am finally getting around to working with the timeline and more building blocks. But when he asked how to use the building blocks and more, I told him to hang in there because will be opening on the 21st. NOTE: I don't own the site. It's run by another iClone fanatic :). It sounds like a really great place to learn. Ok, termites are gone, Pauly's back. Enjoy!

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly