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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Well, we've officially opened our iClone Content Store. We will be transfering our new domain name to the site within the next 30 days. But for now, you can go to iClone Universe and check out the TEN cool products we currently have available. The concept of the store is to bring iClone filmmakers, a cast of "Digi-Actors". Basically, if you have, let's say, an idea for a Fantasy project, you can get 5 basic iClone textured fantasy characters, perfect for your production (Leading Male, Leading Female, Comic Relief, Villain, etc.). Presently, we have 2 themes available, ANIME & TOONS. We will be adding, FANTASY, ACTION and more as soon as we upgrade to allow more products. So check out iCLONE UNIVERSE, the official online store for our MyClones For iClone blog spot. And don't worry, the free content here will still keep coming regularly. Enjoy!

Till Next Time, ..... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly