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Thursday, April 12, 2007

FREE Prop/Accessory 4U: "Old Time Telephone"

Sorry, I skipped a day for posts. Been swamped with some neat stuff coming up for all of you. But I wanted to share with you, this prop I made. I know it's not much when you compare it to the characters I usually share. But I thought it was cool nonetheless. I normally don't build my own props, but I needed one of those old time telephones for an iClone movie I'm making. So I turned to our handy "building blocks" that come with iClone. I LOVE the building blocks. Seriously, you can build ANYTHING you need! This phone here comes in TWO files. The part that is dialed, and the part that is held up to your ear. To make it work for your needs, you should first save them separately as PROPS. And to get them to load into your scene already together, you should use your MERGE button and then saved the merged version as a PROP. To get it to work as an accessory, so that your character can hold the phone pieces, you need to also save a copy of BOTH files into your ACCESSORIES library. Then you can attach the pieces to your characters' hands. Little by little, I'm experimenting more and more with the building blocks. I'd suggest you play with them too, if you haven't already. They REALLY are amazing!

Till Next Time,.... "Keep Cloning" ..... Pauly

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