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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Need FREE iClone Training? Meet James Martin

When it comes to learning a new program, like iClone 3, many of you are probably like me. You simply tinker around the program and through trial and error, you begin to learn. But what if you want a detailed, fast comprehension of the program, answering all of your questions, and enabling you to get the program's full potential? Imagine the endless possibilities of creativity if you mastered iClone. Well, look no further, because Reallusion's James Martin (of the famous Martin Brothers), is here to make you the iClone master you were meant to be. I've known James since the early days of iClone, and since we live close by one another, I've had the pleasure of sitting down for wings and brewskies with him and his brother, John. James is an awesome young guy who has more patience and forgiveness then I could ever have. He's a better man than I in that regard. He has posted a ton of FREE instructional videos on YOUTUBE, which show you how all the new features of iClone 3 work. And he's now made himself available to train you ONE ON ONE, if you want it. Here's what James recently told me .....

JAMES: "After watching iClone grow in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, I truly believe that with the inception of iClone version 3.0, that the time has come for there to be a professional level training outlet for users to access. That's why I started I'm a Reallusion Certified iClone and CrazyTalk Specialist here in the United States. I want everyone out there interested in really seeking to master these real-time animation tools, to have access to the education to do so. I love iClone and CrazyTalk, and see only the boundless potential and not limitations, offered by these products. This is the type of spirit and drive which I approach the way I produce 3D features, and I wish to help share that enthusiasm with everyone in the Machinima community. I am open to suggestions on what users would like to see more of in the iClone Tips of the Day, and certainly hope to develop a learning environment where everyone can feel like they are gaining a real command of the software."

So take advantage of James' offer and LEARN, LEARN, LEARN! James is a testament to the way the iClone community has always reached out to one another, for the better part of the artist in all of us.

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning" .... Pauly