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Friday, January 19, 2007

AMERICAN HISTORY Volume 1: New iClone Characters

Wow! Two new releases at Reallusion in two days. Not bad! Ok, another shameless plug, .... the new iClone character series called AMERICAN HISTORY VOLUME 1 , is now available. It's a tribute to great American historical figures, which for THIS series includes Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin. Like the other series, you can get it in a bundle or separately (which I've posted the links for, below) or here at the Reallusion Content Store. These are ideal for educators, students, class presentations, reports or any creative use you can come up with. Check 'em out. I think you'll like 'em a lot. Also, I plan on posting a new FREE iClone character here about every other day or so. So please come back daily for more FREE stuff, tips and techniques. And remember, if you've got something iClone related you want to share (an article, news, content, etc.) Email me so I can post it. I believe if one of us succeeds with iClone, we all succeed. It just makes our content, sites, and efforts more valuable. I hope you agree. Ok, nuff said.

Till Next Time, ... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly
PS: Links to Seperate Characters .....