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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tips & Techniques: The Blank Face Trick & FREE Character For You

Did you know that you can make a face in iClone, with no face? I mean, no picture of a face. The end result is perfect for when you want to make a character with no particular textures as far as wrinkles, skin, facial hair, etc. I'll break it down for you and try to explain this better. First, go in your PAINT or PHOTOSHOP program, and make, then save a WHITE jpg (look at the first photo (1) above, top left). Now open iClone, and click on TOOLS, LOAD IMAGE. Find the white/blank jpg double click on it to load it in to iClone. Next, click ALL the "NEXT" buttons, following through to the final OK button. In other words, DO NOT ADJUST OR TRY TO FIT THE FACE. Save it and name it. You now have a blank face on the iClone character in the window (top middle picture, #2). Bring some eyes in....they'll fit fine. Now go play and be creative with the FACE sliders (found in TOOLS, FACE, MODIFY) . Then maybe go to SKIN in the TOOLS section and change the color, add hair & accessories (top right picture, #3 of Chinese Server) . By doing this, you save time, number one,...and you also have some neat creative possibilities with such a clean texture. I find this ideal when I create "Cartoon-ish" iClone characters (Final Picture above). Go try it and see what happens :).

Till Next Time, .... "Keep Cloning". ....... Pauly