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Friday, January 26, 2007

FREE Character 4 U : GOLLUM

Here's another "classic" iClone character for you. It's my tribute to "Gollum" from "Lord of the Rings". I had spoken about him in an earlier post, but never actually shared him here. I created him about a year ago, and had posted him for sharing over at Renderosity. So if you never got a chance to get him, you my now DOWNLOAD THE GOLLUM PROJECT HERE. Funny story, .... I didn't get hooked on "Lord of the Rings", until the 3rd movie came out. I remember seeing LOTR 1 on pay TV. I loved it, and was thrilled to see that LOTR 2 was to follow directly after. So I stayed home and watched the second film. When it was done, I ran out of the house, straight away to the movie theater and caught the evening show of LOTR 3. So I had my introduction, satisfaction, and addiction to the full LOTR trilogy, conquered all in one "Precious" day. Enjoy the file!

Till Next Time, ...... "Keep Cloning" ....... Pauly