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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To 3, or Not to 3... That is the Question. we really need it? Well, sure, it’s a great program. But I’m talking about for our work in iClone. Is it really necessary? iClone used to be just a fun little program, which allowed you to create 3d versions of you, your friends and family. But, man, it has become so much more in so little time. “3d Real-Time Filmmaking” now, as opposed to the previous “Animate Your Digital Identity” (or something like that). This time next year, it’s slogan will probably be, “Best Damn 3d Program on the Planet, Which Even That Pauly Guy Can Learn”. The present version of 1.52 allows you now to not only create characters, but also to create your own props, accessories, and environments. With time, patience and creativity, you can use the new features, like the building blocks and billboards, to create absolutely ANYTHING. An artist known as DoctorLegua, recently made his own versions of characters based on Reallusion’s newly released “Dungeon Quest” characters. He shared them with users. But he simply made his own accessories in iClone, and added them to the characters to alter their physical appearance (extremely creative end results). Yeah, ok, so I guess if I want to make an original character with a whole newly shaped body, upper, lower or face, I need to create it in 3dsMax and import it into iClone. But I’ve said it before; … I have no idea how to use 3dsMax. And let me make this clear, …. I’m not putting 3dsMax down. It seems great, and I really DO want to learn it one day. My hat is off to those brilliant artists who have taken the time to learn it. But so far, and 200 + iClone character creations later, I still haven’t had the need for it. So if you’re wondering if you’d be better off “3dsMax-ing” it, here’s what I suggest. Open your iClone program and play with ALL its functions, VERY SLOWLY, and at your own pace. The discoveries you’ll make will freak you out. I’m even convinced that as brilliant as the guys at Reallusion are, they probably still don’t realize half the things that their iClone program is capable of. Many iClone “back door” discoveries were made by users like me and you, … like how to import multiple characters into a scene, how to create a motion path, how to make new hair (will share this one soon). So I believe it’s just a matter of time before someone says, “Hey, I just made a whole new body” in iClone. And I did it without 3dsMax”.
So, the question still remains, …. to 3 or not to 3? Hmmm,…well, … for me at the moment, …..NOT!!!!

Till Next Time, … “Keep Cloning” ……. Pauly