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Thursday, January 18, 2007

"COOL TOWN STORY" iClone Characters WITH Character

Ok, it's a shameless plug, I know. But for some strange reason, I haven't been able to post the news where I would normally do so. So I'll post it here. And by the way, if you're an iClone content developer for Reallusion and you have something being released there, please let me know about it so I can post your news here. Ok then, here's MY news,.... the latest installment of iClone characters are now available at Reallusion. It's the "Cool Town Story" collection. There are 4 volumes so far, with about 6-7 "full use" unique characters that you can use in iClone. The other cool thing about the series is that each character comes with 10 voice phrase files, which you can, in turn, use for ANY character in iClone. At Reallusion, they refer to these voice files as "Facial Animations". But I don't think that's an accurate description, as these are actual phrases with the individual character's voice saying them (as opposed to just facial animations/expressions). But anyway, you can get the characters, accessories and voice files in a bundle or separately. The following are links to the bundle packs for each series. Or you can go here to the Reallusion Content Store , and get them individually. Here are the bundle links below....




COOL TOWN STORY Volume 4 (Just Released!)

I'll keep you posted on new releases of the series, and some other upcoming ones. Also, the guys at Mellor Media have created some great new iClone face packs which are available there too. Very cool stuff! So check 'em all out. And please check here daily for more FREE iClone characters, tips and techniques.

Till Next Time, ....... "Keep Cloning", ....... Pauly